A 20th Century Apologetic’s Gem


J.P. Moreland is arguably one of the most influential American Evangelical apologists of the latter century and the first part of the twenty-first century.  His adeptness is especially clear in the areas of philosophy of science and philosophy of mind.  Through his debates, lectures, and writings, Moreland has served well the cause of Christ by equipping people for ministry both in the academy and in the local church.

In Scaling the Secular City, Moreland displays his acumen in dealing with some of the toughest challenges posed to Christianity.  He accomplishes this with rigorous argumentation and a winsome spirit, the likes of which is worthy to be emulated.

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Our Darwin, Design & Origin Seminar Notes are Now Online!

attq Darwin Series header colorIn response to the social climate of our day and the Great Commandment to love God and neighbor, Answers to Tough Questions is making these notes available to the body of Christ.  These are the notes we utilize in our one day seminar called Darwin, Design & Origins. This one day seminar  Continue reading “Our Darwin, Design & Origin Seminar Notes are Now Online!”