Why Has The Culture Gone So Sideways?


Why has the culture in the USA gone so sideways?  I don’t think the blame primarily falls on our politicians, educators, media nor the philosophers of our age (the Singer/Song writers).  Indeed they bear some of the blame but not the weight of it.  Rather, the mess we’re in falls on us who are called by the master to be salt and light in a world that does not know their right hand from their left.

It falls on the shoulders of leaders in the church who have for decades neglected the Word of life and rather have imbibed the creature’s ruminations of reality.  It falls on the clergy and ministers of the church of Jesus Christ who have largely ignored God’s word as central and replaced it with programs, music, and activities that don’t reflect a kingdom of God view of reality.  The following piece describes my anguish when I consider the 21st century American evangelical church as a whole.


(Sergio Tangari 4/29/2015)

Am I to rejoice over what is lamentable? When the One’s who should know better don’t?  When those who should lead well follow poorly?  When those who teach arrogantly display their ignorance?  Shall I rejoice? Is this not cause for concern, anguish, maybe even anxiety?

Am I to laud those who mock Divine authority?  When they manipulate a brother for selfish ends?  When they uphold a lie and suppress the truth?  When they capitulate to practical-ness by abandoning divine principles?  Shall I exult?  Is this not cause for vitriolic discourse, even outrage, to a church culture deeply affected by P.C.?

Am I to glory in what is inglorious?  When the church follows a personality, instead of men with character?  When our treasures are the perishable, rather than the eternal?  When “The City of Men” is desired over “The City of God?  Shall I be glad?  Is this not cause to mourn, deplore, even cry out against said idolatry?

Am I to surrender reason for insanity?  When church leaders blindly meander in “their ministries” as if no judgment awaited their actions?  When parishioner’s loyalty to said leaders trumps faithfulness to God?  When the gospel of Christ becomes a 21st century “Judaizing” fiasco?  Shall I capitulate?  Is this not cause for revolt, reform, even public rebuke?

I am wholly discontent with the churches state of affairs for these and other reasons. Is a holy discontentment  however warranted?

Consider the heroes of faith: Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, Paul, Peter, James, John, Polycarp, Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Athanasius, Augustin, Hus, Tyndale, Luther, Calvin, Wesley, etc., though frail they were strong, though timid they were bold, though despised they were loved, though dead they still speak.  Their love for God and His truth fueled their fighting spirit, not the converse.

So if I’m to be judged for my “negativity” so be it!  I’d rather follow the heroes of faith, than walk in the ways of fools.  And while there’s much to rejoice over, there’s also much to lament.  That is why I am, Holy Discontent.


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