FAITH HAS ITS’ REASONS: Audio Now Available


Just in is the “FAITH HAS ITS’ REASONS” audio lecture series.  The topics tackled are the following:

Session # 1: Do I Have To Believe Anything at All? This session focuses on the issue of “truth” and considers its meaning and know-ability.  Often our beliefs are not carefully thought out, but rather culturally inherited.  Believing a lie is not something most people knowingly accept.  Thus, attention is given to the difference between why one does believe a truth claim, as opposed to why one ought to believe a truth claim.   

Session # 2: Does God Exist? This session focuses on the importance of worldviews as it pertains to the question of God’s existence.  Our friends and family often engage in “god-talk” where the term “God” can mean an impersonal oneness (Monism) or it can mean one transcendent God (Monotheism).  Several classic arguments for the theistic God of scripture are offered along with their practical implications.

Session #3: What about Evil & Suffering?  The main reason many people today reject belief in God is the problem of evil and suffering—which goes from a philosophical to a practical problem in a heartbeat.  So how can a good all-powerful God allow evil and suffering in this world?  Answers are provided.

Session # 4: What Makes Jesus So Unique?  Modern views of Jesus abound, but which one should be believed or trusted to be true?  Who is in a better position to reveal Jesus’ identity—those who were eyewitnesses of his life and teachings or those two millennia removed from his life? How did Jesus view himself and why does this matter?  These questions will be addressed along with responses to common objections to Jesus’ exclusive claims.  For access go to the RESOURCES TAB under LECTURES, SEMINARS, & CLASSES or just click: FAITH HAS ITS’ REASONS

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