Solomon wrote in Proverbs 18:21:  Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.

We ultimately depend on someone’s word (and its meaning) in order to claim to know something and make sense out of life.  It is either the Creators word, or the creatures.  We lean on some one’s authority to believe if something is either true or false, good or bad, right or wrong, just or unjust, tolerant or intolerant, merciful or merciless, beautiful or ugly, humble or prideful, loving or hateful.


This word that we ultimately rely on to make sense out of life comes under what is called “worldviews”.  When I was exposed to the idea of worldviews and how they help us define reality it was both freeing and arduous.  It was freeing because this helped clarify the differences that we all have and why.  Apprehending worldviews levels the playing field in the exchange of ideas that emboldens us where often we cower.  It helps us clarify what someone says, what they mean, and what are the implications.   

I say the endeavor was and remains arduous, because as a disciple of the Lord Jesus who takes the great commission seriously to disciple the nations, I must come to understand the beliefs of my neighbors that differ from mine in order to more effectively win them over to Jesus (see Acts 17).  This means that I have to invest time, as an expression of love for neighbor, to study and understand different persuasions of reality (i.e. systems of thought that are different and contrary to Biblical Christendom).  

In other words, I would need to come to understand different religious persuasions to understand why people believe what they believe.  This seems to me a very practical way to evangelize the lost and engage the skeptics thoughtfully and courteously.  Confusion tends to cause anxiety in our hearts and minds, clarity can be a source of great comfort.

So friend, what worldview has influenced your thought and life and why?

See link on free speech and rightful protest

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