Summary of “Art and the Bible” by Francis Schaeffer


In this book Art and the Bible, Schaeffer argues for the necessity to see all of life under the Lordship of Christ Jesus which includes art.  The Bible is not averse to art “religious” or “secular”.  The paradigm from which to work is that God created the whole man, in Christ the whole man is redeemed, Christ is the Lord over the whole man and the Christian life, and Christ will in the future redeem the whole man body and soul.

The Bible does use art in the tabernacle, Solomon’s temple and makes use of things in nature and their modifications.  The issue is not to make art an idol, not that it’s forbidden.  While there’s much he covered, at the end of the day we as Christians are to make sure that the body of our artistic work presents a faithful picture of the Christian worldview.

Among other things, every Christian is to endeavor to make their lives a work of art in how it’s read and seen by all men.   The question is: Are we God-centered or Man-centered?  Faithfulness to Christ and the good of mankind requires the former, rather than the latter to be the orb of the “masterpiece.” Note: page 386 on how David is an exemplary model for the artist.

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