1&2 KINGS Now Available in Summary!


Solomon’s true wealth was not his material possessions (which were massive), but the wisdom God gave to him.  This wisdom was given to the young king in response to his petition for; “An understanding heart to judge Your [Gods’] people to discern between good and evil…” (3:9).

What would occur if leaders and rulers would make this petition the content of their desires, rather than the obvious prestige and power which come along with said positions?  I think those following would be more joyful and less oppressed because this mark of a righteous leader mirrors God’s priorities in ruling.

Yet not all of Israel’s kings had Solomon’s disposition, but one bent toward practicing what is evil in the sight of the LORD.  These annals of history have many lessons for us to consider, not least of which is what occurs when the righteous rule a people as opposed to the wicked.   In this presidential election year this book seems to be especially pertinent.

Take up and read in complete summary form Reflections From 1&2 Kings !



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