This man of God continues to work God’s wonders in the most colorful and extravagant ways.  First, he makes a sunken axe float to the water’s surface.  He does this by using a stick of wood (6:1-7).  We know that wood does not attract metal magnetically, a magnet does.  Somehow, the “laws of nature” are superseded by God’s doing.  Some may frown on this as mere fable, but if God created everything that exists out of nothing through his word (Gen.1), most certainly then “bending” or “suspending” his creation’s usual function for his purposes is not only plausible but no big deal to him.

Second, Elisha hears the king’s war plans.  The Arameans were plotting against Israel but the God who is everywhere revealed it to the prophet and the nation of Israel was spared from calamity (6:8-12).  Again, there were no “bugs” or high tech devices to hear the enemy’s strategy, but the God who is in control of history and the affairs of man hears everything.            

            Third, Elisha petitions the LORD to open his servant’s eyes.  Israel’s enemy’s surrounded it and the ominous sight terrified the prophet’s servant so Elisha asks God to open his eyes to see the chariots of fire surrounding Israel’s enemies (6:14-17).  This reminds me that while I may be unaware of God’s help, it is always present.

Fourth, Elisha petitions the LORD to blind Israel’s enemies.  In every step of the way this man of God’s prayers steer how the enemy is crippled such that the blindness is only removed after it is to Israel’s advantage (6:18-23).  This reminds me of how critical it is for me to do battle in the unseen realm relying on God’s power and word manifested through believing prayer.  The times were so bad that famine drove many in Samaria to boil their children to death in order for others to live (6:24-29).  That is desperate times.

Fifth, Elisha promises the end of the famine.  But he also promises the death of the king’s messenger who doubted Gods word (6:32-7:1-2, 15, 20).  Whether it’s a word foretelling future events or a demonstration of that words’ power to make objects respond in ways contrary to their nature, God nevertheless moved powerfully through Elisha.  This was the LORDs doing.

In similar ways God moves through His people even though it’s often not spectacular, but common.  We may not raise the dead, call fire from heaven, multiply food, or even float axe heads, but we are still called to follow this eternal magnificent God who alone is worthy to be worshipped and adored.



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