How often do we (I find myself here) being envious of what evil men have and what they can do as a result of their possessions?  I have to guard my heart from that foolish disposition of soul.  Consider what Solomon wrote regarding this issue:

“Do not be envious of evil men,
desire to be with them;
For their minds devise violence,
And their lips talk of trouble.

This is wise counsel not merely to youth, but to elderly men.  The fact is that youthful snares if not conquered or managed early on in life will prove to be constant menaces as the years wear on the soul.

A good barometer for the soul to gage its’ progress or not, is how much it delights in God; be it His provision, care, discipline, instruction, etc.  My soul is always tilting one direction or another.  As I consider my desires today, may they lean upward to you LORD God and may your eternal peace replace my anxious thoughts to relish in the joy which is unspeakable as I walk in the light of your countenance.


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