Reflections From ROMANS 1:6-7 “PAUL’S INTRODUCTION: Spirit Fuel” Part 2


As previously noted (Vv.1-5), the authentic gospel is sourced in God, reveals God and produces the life of God in believers.   Paul continues his introduction to the Romans reminding them that they are specifically called by Jesus Christ—the word (V.6).  These who are called are also beloved by God and their description is that of a “saint”.  These are the holy ones.  Thus the called are called as saints, not sinners (V.7).

Why the mention?  Because those who have received this faith are to reflect the Holy One (God) who has rescued them and thus are to be holy as “I AM” is holy.  This is the message Israel received—God was choosing (I.e., calling) a people for Himself that would reflect His glory among the nations.  This is fulfilled in the new covenant or brought to its consummation where Jew and Gentile alike form one people of God through the Spirit’s activity (Eph.2:11-22).  God makes a people for His own possession who previously were under His wrath (Rom.1: 18-20).

Paul continues in verse 7 with this tonic:  “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”.  Note that the source of grace and peace is God the Father—no longer are we His enemies terrified by His mention, but as Father we are now his children—through his Son—the I AM, who is the Messiah.

What an introduction packed with Biblical theology, fulfillment of Scripture which includes Gentiles as part of Israel’s common wealth.  I’m in Christ and thus don’t need to fear what men may do to me because God the Creator has had mercy on me through his Son.  Praise His name!


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