Reflections From PSALM 38: “Yahweh is Always Present to Rescue His Own–Regardless of Their Weaknesses”

jewish-captives-lyreThis Psalm is somewhat daunting at the reading.  Anxiety in the heart can crush the soul of man.  Often this is caused by our own iniquity and its effects have a way of reducing our dignity as image bearers to sub-animalistic:

 “O Lord, rebuke me not in Your wrath, And chasten me not in Your burning anger. For Your arrows have sunk deep into me, And Your hand has pressed down on me. There is no soundness in my flesh because of Your indignationThere is no health in my bones because of my sin.”  (Vv.1-3)

 Sin brings God’s displeasure and can effect our health.  Whatever the sin was, it certainly weighed David down such that it utterly sapped his strength (Vv.4-12).  It’s as if the Psalmist is living a nightmare in color.

But even though his strength is gone he still looks to You LORD.  Even when the wicked are scheming to take his life, he chooses to trust God for rescue.  Consider the text:

“Yes, I am like a man who does not hear, And in whose mouth are no arguments.  15 For I hope in You, O Lord; You will answer, O Lord my God.”  (Vv.14-15)

 The man after God’s own heart is teaching us that even when our own strength fails, and we’re overcome by sin, nevertheless the Creator, the One who makes covenant with His people is an ever present faithful Deliverer.  His enemies hated David because he chose the good, he followed God (Vv.19-20) and thus his cry for deliverance is heard from the throne of grace.

May I look to You LORD when the day of trouble arrives, may my trust in Your steadfast love be renewed daily, and may You LORD receive me into Your loving arms when my time on earth is finished.


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