The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog

51WMWG0MWVL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_There’s much talk about worldviews these days and rightly so, for if we are going to do our apologetic work faithfully as Christ’s representatives we’ll need to familiarize ourselves with our neighbors beliefs which come from their view of reality.

Worldview thinking considers the big ideas that govern individuals and nations.  I thought it profitable to consider James Sire’s book on the topic for it’s brevity, clarity and organization.

If you’ll recall, Os Guinness’ book dealt with the art and science of Christian persuasion; Alister McGrath’s book dealt with a general view of apologetics and emphasized the importance for each individual to formulate their own approach.

Now, James Sire’s book is a catalog on what a worldview is and the differences that obtain when human beings are trying to make sense of death and dying, purpose and meaning, laughter and grief, love and hate.  As with the previous books, I’ll be offering weekly summaries of this book’s chapters with the hope to entice you to pick up a copy and read it yourself.  If however you don’t then may the brief summaries I provide be useful to you and Christ’s kingdom.

Introduction: the value of this study is akin to a baseball scout taking the necessary time to understand the opposing team’s ball player’s strengths, weaknesses and tendencies. Such due diligence increases the odds of “competing” and “beating” the “opposition”.  While the aforesaid may be crude and offensive, in the world of ideas it’s true.

Too often Christians are bested in the classroom, boardroom, or family room because they have not done their homework regarding other worldviews.  When opportunities arise to witness fear, rather than courage manifest.  Sometimes we fear sounding stupid; being offensive; or even fear being unable to answer the challenges leveled against the Christian faith.  This book is a remedy for such maladies as Sire answers the following questions:

What is prime reality, the real?  What’s the nature of external reality—the world around us?   What is a human being?  What happens to persons after death?  Why can we know anything at all?  How do we know what’s right and wrong?  And what’s the meaning of human history?

A great read friends.

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