THE LYRE AND THE SCROLL Reflections from The Psalms


PSALM (20-25)

I’m stunned and delighted at God’s word.  It is ever present to me and new as I gaze into what I have previously read.  There’s a deep comfort I experience when the Psalmist cry’s out to God as if he were in my shoes.  Why I stay away from the word of God for prolonged periods of time and especially the Psalms is baffling to me.

Regardless, God is faithful to speak kindly, deeply, and in enigmatic ways to my soul as I peer into His eternal truth.  First, in Psalm 20 there’s a prayer for God, the LORD to answer in the day of trouble, to send help from His sanctuary, to remember your faithful worship, grant your heart’s desire and fulfill all your petitions (Vv.1-4), the end of which is boasting in the God of the covenant and not the creature’s strength (Vv.7-9).

Life is filled with troubles, unlike the nonbeliever, God’s covenant people have Him as the resource for peace in spite of the opposition and when we are tempted to doubt, the written word brings back the reality of this truth.

Second, in Psalm 22 there’s a cry for God’s nearness in times of horrible distress which depicts the weightiness of the crucifixion, but no answer is given.  Yet the Psalmist writes:

Yet You are holy,
O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel.
In You our fathers trusted;
They trusted and You delivered them.
To You they cried out and were delivered;
In You they trusted and were not disappointed.

In all this and the horrors of crucifixion the writer continues and says:

24 For He has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted;
Nor has He hidden His face from him;  But when he cried to Him for help, He heard.

God may seem like He’s forsaken you in your affliction, it may seem that your tears and groans are ignored by Him, but that’s not the case.  He is the God who is there and even the very hairs of your head (Jesus said) the Father has counted.  This should comfort us greatly in a world where so often, to most people we seem not to matter.

Third, in Psalm 25 has a litany of insights among which is: “The secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him and He will make them know His covenant” (V.14).  This Christian journey is long and treacherous at times the peril certainly seems about to doom us if not for the word of the LORD.  Note that He makes His secret known to us who fear Him.  Herein is knowledge, wisdom and the straight path.  This is a great prayer to offer in our pursuit for insight.

To love God I must know him through His word.  To know God I must love Him through His word.  When it’s all said and done, the knowledge of God and the love of God come through His word which in the fullness of time came in the person of Christ Jesus in order to obliterate the hostility previously damning us.  To God be the glory!


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