Even in the twilight of his years, King David had to deal with people revolting against his rule while God demonstrated to him his kindness.  Getting old is not for the faint of heart, it takes courage.  Especially moving is the long psalm David writes at the end of his life where battle wearied in the field of life, he still praises God— Israel’s true king of who is ever merciful.

Chapter 23 is also deeply stirring because it names David’s mighty men.  These too have a special place in God’s heart for without them David would not have ruled well.  These men were faithful to the King through the good times and the bad.  Their mention is an enormous honor.

As a man I wonder if I would have been mentioned (I’m a civilian, not a soldier,).  All of us (I think) have an innate desire to be recognized by our peers for our accomplishments, but what about a life lived that’s recognized by God?  That’s special.  May the LORD help us all—leaders and followers—live a life that’s honorable as we live it before his sight.


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