These chapters speak of Samson and his family.  As I read the account it’s clear that Samson’s strength came from the LORD rather than muscles depicted in many cartoons (14:6, 19; 15:14).  The sad reality however is that Samson wasted his calling (his strength) by being man-centered not God absorbed and was thus characterized as a bratty womanizer.  How many in God’s kingdom have sadly destroyed their lives and those around them because of such desire?

His life’s call was to be Israel’s deliverer from the Philistines.  However, the wretched reality is that this call was short lived and mostly wasted because he was a man of unbridled passions (16:1-31) who played the harlot with another harlot and thus his strength became compromised:

…But he did not know that the LORD had departed from him”                                  (16:20)

Dabbling with sexual promiscuity and illicit sexual pleasures is nothing new, momentarily delightful but utterly disastrous.  The LORD is said to have “departed from Samson”.  The way this term is contextually used, it seems that what it means is that God’s presence to bless him and through him was removed.  This certainly goes along with what happened to Samson after this account.

Today the pleasures of promiscuity and pornography have a whole generation bound by its rotten morsels.  It tastes good for a while, but in the end it dehumanizes persons and fragments the soul.  Unbridled passions ruined Samson and continues to ruin millions of men and women through the passage of time.  When we hear of pastors having to step down from their positions of ministry because of sexual promiscuity, our hearts ache, our families bruised, and our witness weakened.

So, believer, if you are bound in the arms of sexual promiscuity, pornography, or same sex attraction: flee!  Run to Christ who is there to embrace much of the loneliness and fear that catapults you into said states and enjoy the real lover of your soul.  Guard your eyes and your mind from wandering into traps of temporary pleasure that will eventually leave you numb to God and may prove to be the shipwreck of your faith.

May we as believers teach a new generation of men and women young and old to pursue You LORD not the dainty morsels hell sends our way.  May we not waste our lives by polluting our hearts and forfeiting your power LORD with this world’s death-traps.  LORD, give your people a vision of you!


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