Never have I heard of or known the devastation Job lived.  Grant it, throughout human history atrocities against people have been recorded; the Assyrians, Persians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Barbarians all the way into the 20th century Blood Baths under Nazi Germany, Russia’s Stalin, China’s Mao, Vietnam’s Pol Pot, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, and America’s abortion mills.  Human beings can be heinous without grace.

But Job’s misery is not because of the creature, but rather because of the Creator.  Truly, Satan is the agent of destruction but God gave the permission.  This is difficult for me to comprehend.  Job, the righteous servant of God has become the “byword” known for tremendous suffering but the reasons are hidden from everyone except God (17:1-7).  Job is nonetheless an amazing fighter, for while being in such pain, he is relentlessly presenting his case before his foolish friends (17:10-18:3) who add insult to injury with their words (18:4-19:3) to a man who has everyone and everything going against him (19:4-29).

What anguish of soul and body to have a society consider you truly wicked, but actually you are innocent.  This reminds me of Jesus how in one moment the people shouted, “Hosanna to the son of David” and the following days clamoring, “Crucify him!” Those events in Christ’s life were also hidden from not only man but also from satanic forces.

God’s hidden providences while often painful are nevertheless ultimately good.  Although on the one hand I deeply hate the pain, on the other hand, God’s plans seem to blossom in and through the fires of affliction, not the holidays at the sea.  In fact all of life seems to come as a result of hardship, constant toil and even death.  My ways are not God’s ways.  May I trust Him even though He slay me.


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