For quite some time Luke has been accentuating the message and methods the early church used in their preaching.  They based their message of Jesus as the Messiah on the resurrection of Christ from the dead and thus repentance for the forgiveness of sins was the only proper response to said news.

Concerning their method of preaching, their goal was to persuade the hearers through reasoning (Vv.4-5).  Paul’s concern was to continually teach God’s word (V.11).  He was convinced that the message of salvation had to be presented through teaching, preaching, reasoning, and persuading the hearer with God’s word.  Should our aim be anything less?

Consider Apollos, he was both eloquent and mighty in the Scriptures, fervent in spirit publicly refuting the Jews from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ (Vv.24-28).  Luke wants the reader to note the hard work that’s required in order to persuade people to believe.  Sometimes this occurs through acts of power where the Lord opens a door for proclamation, but more often than not, it’s through the custom of meeting where worship occurs (E.g., the Synagogue) and then the opportunity for proclamation presents itself.

LORD, help your ministers be word centered, help them follow Paul and Apollos’ example rather than a 21st century business model to gather hearers, may they emulate this apostolic model of teaching, preaching, reasoning, and persuading with the Scriptures that Jesus is the risen Christ from the dead.


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