TRUE TRUTH AND WHY IT MATTERS: Can Our Technologies Be An Enemy of Truth? Part 5


Friend, do you ever feel personal angst about how your family life unfolds?   I’m referring to busy schedules of work, school, play, entertainment, sports, etc. that make it impossible to have a family sit down dinner.  Our priorities are challenged constantly; parents feel guilty when quality time is excised from children; spouses feel alienated when date-night is pushed aside; singles feel anxiety when the mortgage is late; students feel overwhelmed when term papers are due; etcetera, etcetera.

Responsibility is good, but it can crush us.  If we don’t take the time to reevaluate the pace and clamor of life, our “train” inevitably goes off the rails destroying what we love most.  Thus, taking inventory of our lives periodically is wise to do.  But often the gadgets which are designed to enhance our lives keep us from a lifestyle of reflection—an indispensable quality for knowing and discovering what is true.

These technological wonders often rob us from being industrious, from living in meaningful community, from walking in holiness and from redeeming the—time.  Too much time is wasted.  Most of us can’t remember a time when the; television, radio, cell phone, car, washer, dryer, etcetera did not only exist, but also a time when these “servants” are not on.  These technologies have made our lives easier in certain respects, but they’ve also deeply hurt human flourishing.

In part 5 of this series on truth, we will specifically consider the issue of Technopoly which explores the good and bad effects our technologies impose on most of us without our understanding.  Depending on the technology, it can affect our abilities to think critically, they can present obstacles in our pursuit of truth, they can twist our understanding of what knowledge is and technologies will often prevent us from living in community.  To read the complete article click here

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