God Has Not Forgotten You Christian


Sometimes things in life do not go the way we envision them when in our youth. Expectations from those we admire we desire to please, even our own goals and dreams often don’t come to pass in this journey called life.

This can be very daunting and debilitating.  I know, it’s been a roller coaster ride for me.  But as I considered my friend Mike Wilson and his struggles I wrote a poem that really applies to many of us who have experienced the pain of “hope deferred”.


(© Sergio R. Tangari 2015: For Mike S. Wilson) 

A line or two, I’ll write for you, 

This seems only right,

The man with many questions,

My brother known as Mike

You were from God bestowed with gifts,

I do remember well,

Frustrated and perplexed,

Their use could not dispel

Much like a cello longing to sing,

The music you contained,

But often it was silence,

And there was your refrain

“Why can’t I sing, why can’t I play?

These melodies you’ve wrought”,

And gently the Good Shepherd says:

“Because it’s you I’ve bought”

Not for your purposes,

But for Mine alone,

So rest in the assurance,

My blood for you has bought.

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