Reflections From Mark’s Gospel: Chapter 14 Judas Had To Betray Jesus

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            Everything Jesus predicted is increasingly being fulfilled.  Recall at the Passover Meal he told the disciples about their betrayal, his death, and resurrection.  We’ve seen in the garden of Gethsemane where the disciples failed their first test: they did not watch and pray with Jesus (vv.32-34).  The second failure is Judas’ betrayal of Jesus with a kiss (vv.43-46).  How could one do that?  Judas elsewhere is called the son of perdition for a reason.  Jesus did say that “the Son of man must be betrayed but woe to the one allotted this dark task.”  Somehow in God’s sovereignty and Judas’ will of choosing, he became hardened toward the Lord of life.  He was one of the twelve, no mere stranger or acquaintance, but part of the ministry team.  We know elsewhere that Judas committed suicide (Mt. 27:1-10) and his body was placed in a nameless grave in the “Potters Field”.

It’s as if Judas lost himself, never to be remembered again except for this infamous occasion recorded in the gospels.  Never to be remembered is as if one never existed.  That’s a dark, clammy, chilling thought.  To be more dehumanized, I haven’t the words.

Why did this happen?  Jesus said that his betrayal was in order to fulfill Scripture.  That is, God said it would happen, and was faithful to watch over his word to perform it.  This necessarily had to happen plain and simple.  Sometimes for Scripture to be fulfilled gloriously hope-filled events occur (E.g., Christ’s birth), but as in Judas’ case, it’s a painfully somber reality.  The fulfillment of Scripture always points to God’s truth and faithfulness to bring about what was previously promised.

We can trust his word but often don’t because we have bad hearts, darkened minds, bent toward self rather than towards God.  LORD, continuously work on my soul so that you are its song and delight, its reason for reading and writing, the purpose for which I attack each day.


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