TRUE TRUTH and Why It Matters—“What Are The Three Enemies of Truth?” Part 4



The notion of relativism is an old idea, not a “hip” invention of the 21st century.  The book of Judges 17:6 says that in Israel, “In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes….  Again in Greek thought (Protagoras of Abdera) held that “man is the measure of all things” and that “truth is what appears to each individual”.[i]  Sadly, relativism is in vogue today such that true, truth seems archaic, civil interaction escapes us, and doing justice eludes us.

Christian Philosopher, Peter Kreeft quotes C.S. Lewis, on the importance of this issue which he called “subjectivism”.  In The Poison of Subjectivism, Lewis speaks on the perils of moral relativism and says:

“…it will certainly end our species and damn our souls.” Kreeft comments, ‘Please remember that Oxonians (those from Oxford University) are not given to exaggeration. He continues, why does he say, “Damn our souls?” Because Lewis is a Christian, and he does not disagree with the fundamental teaching of his master, Christ, and all the prophets in the Jewish tradition, that salvation presupposes repentance, and repentance presupposes an objectively real moral law. Moral relativism eliminates that law, thus trivializes repentance, and thus imperils salvation.”[ii]

This issue is a big deal and if you care about the truth pay close attention.  In this part we will be: looking at relativism as an enemy of truth that expresses itself culturally, societally, and individually.  Thus we will consider its implications and offer alternative solutions.  Click here for pdf.file      

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2 thoughts on “TRUE TRUTH and Why It Matters—“What Are The Three Enemies of Truth?” Part 4

  1. Teresa Rooney

    Hey Serg,
    This blog on Relativism was very informative and well done! Thank you for your studied insights on this matter as it will help me be more prayerful and aware in our relativistic society.


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