Christian: Why Does Philosophy Matter?

207270981_51c1cfd55c_mWhy does philosophy matter for the Christian?  There’s been much disagreement and tension among believers concerning this matter for two millennia.  The early church however used philosophy to combat erroneous thinking about the doctrines of the Trinity, the Incarnation, the Work of Christ, etc.

Today Christians are increasingly marginalized in the market place of ideas and told to keep their religion in the closet because after all it has nothing to do with what is true, good, or beautiful.  It is held that the Christian worldview can’t inform our public policy in Washington D.C., it can’t speak in meaningful ways to reform our failing public education system, and it certainly must not be allowed to express its views on what marriage is.

These stances are governed by worldviews that the discipline of philosophy; considers, critiques and corrects.  If Christians don’t know how to consider, critique or correct these worldviews they will either; cower, speak inadvisably, or not speak all.   This is not a time to be silent friends, but a time to get better at thinking and philosophy can greatly help.

An article I want to commend to you comes from a mentor of mine, Greg Koukl, President of Stand To Reason who posted an article concerning this matter of philosophy.  Go to this link and be enriched___

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