Reflections From Mark’s Gospel: Chapters’ 2-3


We read in this section of Jesus’ fame such that when he returned home from Capernaum, many gathered around where there was only standing room.  What caught my attention is that Jesus was speaking to them—the word (vv.1-2).  Today many claim to follow Christ, their many “good deeds” testifying to this fact, all the while neglecting the very foundation of biblical faith: the holy word of God!

            It’s the word which produces faith in God, liberating the receiver not only from physical bondage but also from actual enmity with God through the forgiveness of sins (vv.3-13).  This forgiveness for sinners (even those deemed abhorrent to the Jews) is what Jesus, the Son of Man came to accomplish (vv.14-22); and because of his position He is the LORD of the Sabbath (vv.23-28).

What’s evident is the authority that Jesus claims for himself in this chapter.  This is no ordinary man, he’s the second Adam come to restore the effects of the first Adam’s disobedience.  He’s come to bring salvation by the word of God through acts of power and mercy.  To resist Him is to heap condemnation on ourselves, but to embrace Him we enter everlasting joy. (SDG)


            When it comes to the person and subsequent ministry of Jesus, it is an account unlike any other.  Jesus had many enemies the majority of which were the religious leaders of his day.  Jesus made it a practice of worship to go to the synagogue—the place where the law was taught and explained, the place where the name of the LORD was to be exalted not defamed, the place where the name was not to be taken in vain.

Today, many professing followers of Christ fail to make this connection between their devotion to Christ and the habit of meeting with the church on a weekly basis.  Unwittingly,

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