rising-graphIdeas rule the world and sometimes these are difficult to understand for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the reader is unfamiliar or not interested in the subject.  Maybe the method of communication does not work for the student.  Again, a combination of these two issues may obtain.  But possibly the biggest reason why ideas are difficult to grasp by most of us has to do with our method, not our intelligence.

Too often I’ve seen people want to understand the depths of say John’s Gospel—which is fine, but they lack a basic understanding of the Bible’s storyline—creation, fall, redemption, consummation.  To better understand the former, grasping the latter is essential.  One way to do this is the use of a chart, specifically a primer chart.

How primer is pronounced is not as important as understanding what the term meansI use it to mean an introductory level chart that’s informative, brief, and focuses on the essential(s) of a topic.  This provides a foundation from which you can add to your present knowledge of a given subject.  I have made and used charts for many years in order to visually and quickly refresh my memory of a topic to either study for a test, review my lecture notes, or simply as a refresher for personal enrichment.  It’s to this end that Answers To Tough Questions will be periodically providing primer charts for you friend.  See our Primer Chart on Logic

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